PHOOD is our food-baby, born from a love for sharing health & happy energy.


We got together with a team of  creatives and phood-lovers in their own field. From hobby chefs, to star trained. Dietists and herbalist. Gardeners & botanic experts. Kitchen designers, and photography legends.

We rolled and rolled and rolled, and here we are! Your botanic health food experience, right in front of your door step. Ready to slow you down and cater the most magical moments of your lives.


"Let's live the PHOOD life together!"​



We are naturally drawn to nature. And from an intrinsic drive to connect closer with her healing abilities, in our veggies, movements and the world around us, our botanic food-truck took shape.


A transparent food-garden where we cook and celebrate, and at the same time allowing us to feel a sense of serenity, unity, harmony and peace


This way we are constantly reminded of the wonder of the world around us and inside us. 


 We are more than just your regular food truck. We’re a state-of the (he)art food trailer that brings healthy home-made food and drinks to your doorstep. We love life and want to make you feel alive with our unique botanic garden-like food experience


Our menu is consciously small and we source our products locally wherever possible. We serve our products day fresh from the markets local to where we are, directly to your event. Our dishes are gluten free, diary free with lots of vegan and vegetarian options. 


We  minimise our footprint and do our best to flow & grow with nature.


We support a plant-based lifestyle and minimise our use of meats. For this we work with pure, organic happy veggies, farmers & producers.

Our packaging is recycled,  biodegradable.​


We aim to balance your pH+ levels by integrating an alkaline menu, in order to heal, energise and cleanse your internal organs.


100% sugar free, gluten free & dairy free!


 PHOOD shares with joy about food! Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual. That’s why we ourselves practice & teach Rainbow Tai Chi - Chi Kung and are all our food & drinks 



We invest in a lifestyle that supports everyone’s health & happiness, as a base for our offspring.


To support this, 10% of our profits is donated to the Happilization centre in Spain.


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We, Sabine and Tim, both have an enormous passion for food and all the beauty & goodness nature give to us.

As our love for healing creatively grew in the Rainbow Tai Chi kitchen, we were naturally drawn to expand and share our findings with a world of growing phood-lovers and seekers, to bring forth balance and enjoy the ease of happiness together with every bite, drink and read. 

You know what they say; ‘the way to the heart is through the stomach.’ And we do our best to fill that journey with health and happiness!

© 2019 by PHOOD Inc.